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List of Climbs

The list below shows which climbs I have undertaken so far.



  • Stockhorn: Sudgrat
    5c, 650m ,TD-
    24th of August
  • Pic du Glacier Blanc: Versant SE
    26th of July
    In 7 hours up and down from the campsite: 28km and 2300m +/-
  • Petite Pelvoux: Arête Sud
    4c, 400m, D
    22nd of July
  • Aiguille de Sialouze: Traverse
    5c, 250m, D
    21st of July
  • Le Clocher de Planpraz: Clocher-Clochetons traverse
    5a, 400m, AD+
    18th of July
  • Aiguille du Moine: Arête Sud Classique
    5c, 400m, D+
    16th of July
  • Aiguille du Peigne: Arête des Papillons
    6a, 250m, D+
    12th of July
  • Aiguille du Génépi: Arête Sud
    5c, 250m, D
    10th of July
  • Aiguille d’Argentiere: Flèche Rousse Arête
    4b, 430m, AD
    9th of July
    Turned back 50m from the summits due to bad weather
  • Aiguille du Refuge: Le Gâteau de Riz
    5c, 280m, D
    8th of July
  • Aiguille du Tour: Arête de la Table
    5a, 440m, AD
    6th of July
  • Petite Fourche: Normal Route
    5th of July
  • Tête Blanche: Face Nord
    50°, AD
    5th of July
  • Bishorn: Normalweg
    22nd of April
    Ascent and descent on skis


  • Weisskugel: Ostwand & Sudgrat
    40°, AD-
    3rd of August
    Traverse the Weisskugel, ascent by the Langtauferer Ferner and descent by the Hintereisferner
  • Zückerhutl: Normalweg
    1st of August
  • Ötztaler Urkund: SO Grat
    IV, AD
    30th of July
  • Platteinspitze: Melzergrat
    IV/V-, 900m
    26th of July
  • Mont Blanc: Normal Route
    14th of July
    Turned back at the Vallot Bivouac (4362m) due to strong wind
  • Aiguille du Midi: Arête des Cosmiques
    4a, 240m, AD
    11th of July
  • Aiguille de Rochefort: Arêtes de Rochefort
    10th of July
  • Pointe Lachenal: Traverse
    9th of July
  • Petite Fourche: Normal Route
    7th of July


  • Hexenstein: South Arête
    IV+, 150m
    4th of August
  • Torre Wundt: Via Mazzorana
    IV, 200m
    2nd of August
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